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Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers — Fast Wiki Facts
Famous asActor
BirthdayOctober 16, 1946
BirthplaceSan Bruno, CA
Age77 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Heightapprox. 5 ft 5 in (166 cm)
Net Worth$100 Million


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Suzanne was born October 16, 1946 in San Bruno, California. She has an Irish ancestry. Her acting career started in 1960’s and Suzanne slowly rose to fame. She also didn’t have problem with nudity and showed her perfect body measurements on several occasions. Her famous TV shows include Three’s Company, Step by Step, and The Suzanne Somers Show. She’s currently living with her second husband Alan Hamel. Sommer has one kid with her first husband Bruce Somers.

She was born Suzanne Marie Mahoney but kept her first husband’s last name after their divorce in 1968. Together they had a son named Bruce. She married Alan Hamel in 1977.

She starred on the show Three’s Company with John Ritter.

Suzanne Somers enjoying herself in the limelight. She never looked better

Quotes by Suzanne Somers

"Throughout my life, I have tried to share my belief that getting and staying healthy doesn't have to feel like work. My life is not about deprivation; I don't diet or slave away in a gym. What I do is eat clean, nutritious, real food. I enjoy delicious meals with healthy fats, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and I remain thin."

Suzanne Somers

"That's what the gas is about, that's what the bloating is about and that's what the fat storage is about."

Suzanne Somers

"It is a very brave choice to go against traditional medicine and embrace the alternative route. It's easier to try the traditional route and then, if it fails, go to the alternatives, but often it can be too late."

Suzanne Somers

"For years I have been going to the South of France to cool out."

Suzanne Somers

"I do good in the world - at least I try to. I speak on behalf of women, and I know I have made the lives of women happier as a result of teaching them what I have learned relative to true health rather than disease care."

Suzanne Somers

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