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Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings — Fast Wiki Facts
Famous asActivist
BirthdayOctober 6, 2000
Age23 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Heightapprox. 5 ft 2 in (158 cm)
Net Worth$300 Thousand


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Jazz Jennings is a famous YouTuber, television personality, and LGBT rights activist who is a transgender—considered as one of the few transgender people who is publicly documented. She is the co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation, which she founded to assist transgender youth.

She discussed her sexual orientation in 2012 in an interview. But it was also revealed that she is romantically attracted to the opposite gender. In a 2014 free video, she said that she is pansexual and that she falls in love with people for their personality, not for their gender. In an interview in 2018, she revealed that she had lost 14kg as per her surgeon’s instructions. She lost that much weight to have gender confirmation surgery.

Jazz Jennings is looking her best. She has a net worth of 300000 US dollars.

Quotes by Jazz Jennings

"On every single picture on my Instagram page, you'll find a negative comment. My supporters will normally stand up to that hateful person, and then it will become a big argument, and it's just a lot. I try to tell myself not to listen to the haters, and I try not to read the comments because it's not worth it."

Jazz Jennings

"I want to show people they don't have to be scared of being different."

Jazz Jennings

"I want to help transgender individuals who might be struggling realize that they have to love themselves and stay true to who they are because if they keep moving forward, and keep a positive attitude, then things will get better."

Jazz Jennings

"A lot of people - boys - look at me differently. They think that if they date me, they are gay because they are dating another boy. In instances like this, I feel almost excluded, if that's the right word. I feel like I'm being put on a different shelf."

Jazz Jennings

"I'm the youngest of four siblings and the baby of the family. My family just treated me like anyone else growing up. They taught me that everyone has a special and unique trait about them, and that mine is that I have a girl brain and a boy body."

Jazz Jennings

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